Community Cultivation

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase self-sufficiency and quality of life for individuals with disabilities and at risk youth, by offering job skill training and vocational development. We utilize a horticulture environment to enrich our community and work on important social, life, academic and work skills.


  1. Establish a holistic, horticulture program that addresses vocational, social, academic, and life skills development for individuals with disabilities and/or at risk youth.
  2. Develop individualized programs, based on specific needs and assessments, to create an environment to learn new skills, maintain them and continue using them to increase independence in our community.
  3. Produce and sell organic products to the community.
  4. Support seamless transitions from school to work.
  5. Generate awareness of the abilities and benefits that individuals with disabilities contribute to the community.
  6. Maintain a greenhouse facility to support a year round horticulture program.
  7. Foster a business outreach program to integrate real work experiences to participants who are ready to expand their work skills into competitive employment.
  8. Support our local food bank with produce donations.

Program Description

Community Cultivation is a vocational, social and life skills development program implemented within a horticulture framework for individuals with disabilities and at risk youth. Through the natural environment and context of the program, our goal is to increase individual’s independence, work ready skills, self esteem, social cognition, peer relationships, stress and relaxation management, along with community integration and awareness.

Participants will learn to grow organic vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers in their plots at the Botanic Park. Once vegetables have been harvested, they will take their produce down to the local Farmers Market to sell. Social cognition workshops, vocational and life skills are interwoven throughout this program to enhance participant’s abilities and understanding of the soft skills inherent within our society and the working world. 

Community Cultivation’s vision is to continue growing our greenhouse facility for year round opportunities for many individuals. The nature of the greenhouse and a year round program enables participants to explore and expand vocational skills, as well as social cognitive thinking skills, and life skills that are inherent within the field of employment. Having the opportunity to offer year round produce to the community, while developing participants’ vocational skills, defines the reciprocal nature of the program, as we are filling a need within the community while giving back to it!

Business Outreach

In efforts to expand and provide individuals with disabilities and at risk youth with the most comprehensive vocational program, Community Cultivation has created a business outreach program that identifies local businesses that are open to working with our participants and helping to extend their vocational skills and experience into real work opportunities.

After participants have successfully demonstrated that they are work ready, we will network with our participating businesses to find a job match and help place our consumers in real work opportunities. Continued support, job coaching and follow up services will be provided to our consumer’s to promote successful outcomes and experiences.



“I like CC because I could take food home. I learned how to take care of plants. I learned how to make new friends.” 

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